SPIKE – The New Generation of Air-laid Technology

SPIKE is a new air-laid technology based upon a construction with spikes.

The simplicity of the system makes SPIKE the most cost effective solution for all non-wovens manufacturers within traditional air-laid and carding applications.
The versatility of the SPIKE technology, vis-à-vis fiber handling, call for new thinking within the air-laid non-wovens industry as numerous new unique and competitive applications now are technologically possible.

SPIKE Advantages

The SPIKE technology exceed by having a lot of advantages compared to traditional air-laid technologies and carding systems.

  • Low incremental cost
  • Low and simple maintenance
  • Highly reduced operating cost
  • Capacity 5-10 time traditional air-forming systems
  • Thorough opening and optimal mixing of fiber
  • High reduction of bi-component fiber content
  • Can be combined with all bonding methods
  • Replace traditional air-laid former sections
  • Replace carding systems

SPIKE Technology

SPIKE is a unique technology based upon a series of rotating cylinders with closely positioned spikes.
The rotating spikes creates a living “screen” hereby ensuring a homogeneous spread of the fibers.
As the air-flow / fibers are being lead through the rotating spikes - all fibers are being hit securing a thorough defibration and optimal mixing before the homogeneous airlaid web distribution. This allow for a dramatic reduction in the use of costly bi-component fibers.

SPIKE former sections can be designed to apply to most non-wovens applications – and can easily replace traditional air-laid former sections and carding machines in existing production lines.

Capacity (width 1000 mm) 1.000 kg/h
Production width 250 – 5000 mm
Line speed Up to 200 m/min
Web height 1-400 mm

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